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            [ID:4-6533130] 吉林省长春市绿园区2019-2020学年上学期期中考试八年级英语试题(含答案, ...
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            八年级英语学科 ???????????????时间:?2019年11月
            1. A. Once a month B. For a month C. In a month
            2. A. In June B. His friends. C. On Monday
            3. A. He can keep a secret. B. He is my friend. C. He is noisier than others.
            4. A. Maybe he is at home B. No, his hair is longer. C. No, that’s Bob.
            5. A. Yes, but Lucy is better at sports than her sister.
            B. Yes, they like singing.
            C. No, they always play soccer.
            6. A. Tomatoes B. Potatoes C. Tomatoes and potatoes
            7. A. Play baseball B. Play basketball. C. Play football.
            8. A. Four kilometers. B. Five kilometers. C. Six kilometers.
            9. A. A writer. B. A reporter. C. A teacher.
            10. A. At a restaurant. B. At a post office. C. At a shop.
            III. 听句子,选出与之相符的图片,有一项多余。(5分)

            A B C

            D E F
            11_________ 12_________ 13________ 14__________ 15___________
            听第一段对话, 回答第16~17题
            16. Who can’t stand soap operas
            A. Bob’s sister. B. Bob C. Mary
            17. What kind of TV shows does Mary like
            A. Sitcoms. B. Sports shows. C. News.
            18. What is Mike doing now
            A. He is playing basketball. B. He is playing volleyball. C. He is watching TV.
            19. Which of the following does Mike like
            A. Animal World. B. Sports shows C. Computer games
            20. What does Mike think of Animal World
            A. He likes it very much. B. He thinks it’s boring. C. He thinks it is interesting.
            21. Where do Kate and Sandy live
            A. In the countryside. B. In the big city. C. In the town.
            22. Who is the older of them
            A. Kate B. Sandy C. We don’t know
            23. What does Kate like in her city
            A. The beautiful school B. The big supermarket. C. The lights at night.
            24. Where does Sandy like to go to take vacation
            A. To the beach B. To the countryside C. To the city
            25. What does Sandy think of taking a walking
            A. It’s relaxing B. It’s boring. C. It’s tiring.
            VI. 在下列各句的空白处填上一个最适当的词,使句子意思完整,语法正确。(5分)
            26. Listen! _________ is crying in the next room. What’s happening
            27. I know my parents care _________me because they are there to listen to me.
            28. The boy is good at writing and wants to be a _________ like Mo Yan.
            29. You can join the club once or twice a week. That’s _________to you.
            30. Our teachers can help to _________ out the best in us in different activities.
            VII. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分)
            31. Tu Youyou is the _________ of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine. (win)
            32. I love Jeans Store because I can buy clothes the most _________ there. (cheap)
            33. Lily’s mother said to us “My dear kids, please help _________ to some fruit.” (yourself)
            34. Nick was_________ and lost his girlfriend. However, he was always ready to help others. (lucky)
            35. My mom tells me to make a plan for schoolwork at the _________ of the year. (begin)
            VIII. 单项选择(15分)
            ( ) 36. It’s raining very hard outside. You should take _______ umbrella with you.
            A. a B. an C. the D. /
            ( ) 37. I have a dream. When I _______, I want to be an engineer.
            make up B. come up C. grow up D. turn up
            ( ) 38. I don’t think the film is interesting. _______ it’s very boring.
            A. In all B. In fact C. In time D. In future
            ( ) 39. Never give up! _______ is difficult if you work really hard.
            A. Everything B. Something C. Anything D. Nothing
            ( ) 40. —Who is better at swimming, Jack or Mike
            —It _______ be Mike, but I’m not sure about it.
            need B. must C. may D. should
            ( ) 41. I like reading because reading a lot can make me _______ a smart and funny man.
            A. became B. become C. becoming D. to become
            ( ) 42. —Do the two pictures have something _______ common —Yes, They are _____ to each other.
            at; different B. in; different C. at; similar D. in; similar
            ( ) 43. It was sunny this morning but it is raining now. _______difference a day makes!
            What B. How C. What a D. How a
            ( ) 44. The girl doesn’t like the book because she thinks the stories in it are ________.
            got up B. put up C. made up D. looked up
            ( ) 45. To keep healthy, we should eat _______ vegetables and drink _______cola.
            A. more; more B. more; less C. fewer; more D. fewer; less
            ( ) 46. —Lisa, can you tell me the _______ why you’re late again
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